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Caprock Brand compatible Infrared (IR) Lamps lamps for Comco

We supply Caprock brand compatible replacement lamps for all Comco infrared (IR) dryers.  The most common type of quartz IR lamps used in Comco flexographic presses is a medium wave lamp, with a ceramic cap and a threaded stud.

Caprock Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Comco Medium Wave

Standard medium wave lamps have a ceramic fitting, and typically measure one-half inch in diameter.  Unlike quartz halogen lamps, these are not sealed at the ends- the filament is attached to the caps to hold them on.

Caprock brand compatible replacements are available for these common part numbers:
LM-2018 • LM2018 • LM-2019 • LM2019 • LM-2021 • LM2021 • CCQ682-24 • CQG-602275-22

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