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Germicidal UV Lamps

Germicidal UV lamps emit light at 254nm (UVC), which kills or deactivates many bacteria and other micro-organisms, making it ideal for use in air, water and food sterilization and purification.  Some germicidal lamps produce ozone, which is useful for water sanitization.  Germicidal UV equipment is used en everything from large municipal wastewater treatment systems to small under-the sink systems for use in the home. 

Even though the lamps continue to light, over time, the UV output declines, making the lamps less effective. They should be replaced on a regular schedule, to make sure the system is operating at its intended level of disinfection.

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Bi-Pin Germicidal UV Lamps

Short wave metal sleeve IRT lamp

Germicidal lamps with bi-pin connectors look very much like regular fluorescent lamps, but they are clear instead of frosted.  There are two types of bi-pin end caps:  mini bi-pin, where the center to center distance between the pins is 1/4 inch and medium bi-pin, where the spacing is 1/2 inch.  They are made of fused quartz, which allows the UVC light to pass through the tube.  Typically, lamps that do not generate ozone are designated "L" and those that produce ozone are designated "VH".  The number following the "T" in the part number is the diameter of the tube in 1/8 inches, so, for example, a T5 lamp is 5/8 inches in diameter.

Common part numbers include:
G4 T5G4T5G6 T5G6T5G8 T5G8T5G10 T8G10T8G15 T8G15T8G25 T8G25T8G30 T8G30T8

Slim-Line Germicidal UV Lamps

Short wave metal sleeve IRT lamp

Slim-Line Germicidal lamps are instant starting, and are typically made from 5/8 "T5" tubing with ceramic end caps. They are be available with single pins at each end, four pins on one end, or with two pins at each end (either mini bin-pin or medium bi-pin). Slim-Line lamps that do not generate ozone are designated "L" and those that produce ozone are designated "VH".

Common part numbers include:
G10 T5G10T5G10 T5 1/2LG10T5 1/2LG10T5 • G10 T5 VH • G10T5VH • G36 T5L/4G36T5L/4G36 T5L/4PG36T5L/4P • G36 T5VH/4 • G36T5VH/4 • G36 T5VH/4P • G36T5VH/4P • G36 T5L SingleG36T5L Single • G36 T5VH Single • G36T5VH Single • G36 T8 • G36T8 • G64 T5L/4 • G64T5L/4 • G64 T5VH/4 • G64T5VH/4

Pre-Heat (GPH) Germicidal UV Lamps

Short wave metal sleeve IRT lamp

GPH lamps incorporate a switch that initially connects a combination filament–cathode at each end of the lamp to preheat them and requires four electrical connections. This allows the use of compact ballasts that are relatively inexpensive.  When the arc is struck the filaments are disconnected.  There is a slight delay before the lamps start.

Common part numbers include:
GHO36T5L/4P • GPH135T5L/4 • GPH135T5L/4P • GPH212T5L/4GPH212T5L/4PGPH212T5VH/4GPH212T5VH/4PGPH287T5L (mini bi-pin)GPH287T5L/2PGPH287T5L/4GPH287T5L/4PGPH330T5L/4GPH330T5L/4PGPH330T5VH/4GPH330T5VH/4P • GPH357T5L/4GPH357T5L/4PGPH357T5VH/4GPH357T5VH/4P • GPH357T5L/4 HO (High Output) • GPH357T5L/4P HO (High Output) • GPH436T5L/4GPH436T5L/4PGPH436T5L/4 HO (High Output)GPH436T5L/4P HO (High Output)GPH436T5LHO/4PSE (High Output) • GPH436T5L/MBP (Medium Bi-pin) • GPH436T5L/2 (mini bi-in) • GPH436T5L/2P (mini bi-pin) • GPH436T5VH/4 • GPH436T5VH/4P • GPH450T5L/4GPH450T5L/4PGPH450T5VH/4GPH450T5VH/4PGPH463T5L/4GPH463T5L/4P • GPH533T5L/4P • GPH533T5L/4P • GPH843T5L/4GPH843T5L/4P • GHO843T5L/4P

Compact Fluorescent Germicidal UV Lamps

Short wave metal sleeve IRT lamp

Just like their counterparts in general lighting, compact fluorescent Germicidal lamps are designed with multiple tubes in close proximity, to give greater power in a small area.

Common part numbers include:
PL-L 5W/2PPhilips Brand 210641 - TUV PL-L 18W/4PPhilips Brand PL-L 18W/TUVPhilips Brand 265850 - TUV PL-L 36W/4PPhilips Brand PL-L 36W/TUVStandard Brand TUV PL-L 36W/4PStandard Brand PL-L 36W/TUV • Philips Brand 294645 - TUV PL-L 55W/4P • PL-L 55W/TUV • Ushio GPL18/KUshio GPL36/K

Medium Pressure Germicidal UV Lamps

All of the above lamp types are low pressure fluorescent lamps. Medium pressure germicidal lamps are very different. They typically produce much higher output and are much more expensive. This type of germicidal lamps is most commonly used in commercial or large-scale treatment facilities. Please call or write for more information.

We supply Caprock brand compatible germicidal UV lamps for equipment by these and other manufacturers:
Abatement Technologies • Advanced UV • Air Probe • American Ultraviolet • American Water Service • Amilarire EZ Air Cleaners • Aprilaire • Aqua Medic Helix Max • Aqua Pro • Aqua Pure Systems • Aqua-Star • Aqua Treatment Service (ATS)Aqua UltravioletAqua UVAquafineAquaneticsAquasana •Aquawinner • Aquionics • Atlantic Ultraviolet • ATS / Aqua Treatment Service • Barnstead Thermo Scientific • Barton • Beckett • Bell Air Duct Service • Berson • Biolite Cunio • Biozone • Blue Diamond Technologies • Cal Pump • Calgon • Calutech Air Purifier • Campbell UV • Catfish Lighting • Champ Design • Charm • Clean Water Systems • Coral Life • Crown Air quality • Crystal Clear - Martin Water • Culligan • Cuno UV • Custom Sea Life • Danner/Pondmaster • Delta Ultraviolet • Dentec • Dry & Store • Ecoquest Fresh Air • Eden Pure • EdenPure • Eiko • Emperor Aquatics • En Aqua • Enviracare • ETS • Fischer & Porter • Fischer/Porter • Fish Mate • Gamma UV • Gaylor Industries • GE • General Electric • Germ Guardian • Glasco • Guardian • HalletHanovia Ltd. • Hawaiian Marine • HoneywellHoover • Hunter Air • Hydro-Safe • Ideal Horizons • Infilco Degrement • Ionic Breeze • Jebao • Johnson Controls/York • Katadyne • L. A. Spa • LA Spa • Laguna • Lancaster Pump • Lennox • Life Flow • Master Water • MiniMax • Neptune • Oase Living Water • Orbitec • Osram/Sylvania • Ozonia • Pentair Aquatics • Pentek • Philips Lighting • Photoscience Japan • Plusrite • Pondmaster • Port Star • Pura • Purely UV Products • Purtest • Rainbow Lifeguard • Rainbow Water Treatment • R-CanRainsoft • RGF Environmental • Salcor • Sanuvox • Sea Life • Second Wind Air Purifier Serene InnovationsSharper ImageSiemens • Slant/Fin • Spectronics • Steril Systems • SterilaireSteri-Light • Sterilight • Ster-L-Ray • Sun Spot • Sunlight UVTetra Pond • Thera Pure • Trojan Technologies • Trojan UV • Tropical Marine Center • Ultra Dynamics • Ultra Tech • Ultratech • Ultravation • Ultraviolet Purification • Ushio • UV Dynamics • UV Pure Technologies • UVDI • UV Resources • Viotec  • Viqua • UVDI • Vollara • Water Master • Water Treatment & Accessories • Watts • Wedeco • Wyckomar • York/Johnson Controls

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