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12X / 12 Power PRINTER'S FOLD-Out Magnifier/LOUPE / Loup with Extra Wide-Field Lens

This twelve power folding printer's loupe, styled like the old Harold M Pitman Paragon loupes, is the gold standard by which other printer's magnifiers are judged. It has an extra large 19mm 12X (12 power) flat-field, color-corrected lens with adjustable focus and a threaded locking ring. Unlike other 12X magnifiers, the flat-field lens gives a non-distorted image across the lens. The lens measures 19mm in diameter. It folds back into the case for safe, convenient storage.

It's is also an ideal tool for stamp and coin collectors, PCB manufacturing, entomologists, convervators, geologists, and others.

Lens Power 12X
Lens Diameter 16mm
Base Folding
Ordering Code FM-12W
Price (Each) $72.00

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