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Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamps

Pulse-start metal halide lamps offer higher lumen efficiency, better color uniformity, faster warm-up and re-strike times,  plus longer lamp life.  Put together with Venture's patented Uni-Form molding technology, and you get lamps that will exceed all your expectations

We feature lamps from Venture Lighting products, the world leader in metal halide technology and the only supplier that focuses entirely on this product line.  For additional information and specifications, please visit

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 Description Part no. ANSI  Philips  Osram/Sylvania  GE
MH50W/U/PS 52312 M110 MHC50/U/M/4K   MVR50/U/MED
MP50W/U/UVS/PS/3K 10226 M110 MHC50/U/MP/3K MP50/U/MED MXR50/U/MED/O
MH70W/U/PS 78138 M98 MHC70/U/M/4K   MVR70/U/MED
MP70W/U/UVS/PS 40389 M98 MHC70/U/MP/4K MPD70/U/MED/840  
MH100W/U/PS 27266 M90 MHC100/U/M/4K   MVR100/U/MED
MP100W/U/UVS/PS 96267 M90 MHC100/U/MP/4K MPD100/U/MED/840  
MH150W/U/PS 99584 M102 MHC150/U/M/4K   MVR150/U/MED
MP150W/U/UVS/PS 22455 M102 MHC150/U/MP/4K MPD150/U/MED/840  
MS200W/V/PS 57739 M136      
MP200W/V/UVS/PS 22147 M136      
MH250W/HBU/PS 49621 M138/153 MS250/BU/PS MS250/PS/BU-ONLY MVR250/VBU/PA
MP250W/BU/UVS/PS 64658 M138/153   MP250/PS/BU-ONLY  
MP320W/BU/ED28/UVS/PS 10103 M132/154   MP320/PS/BU-ONLY/BT28 MPR320/VBU/XHO/PA
MS350W/V/PS 98389 M131 MS350/BU/PS   MVR350/VBU/XHO/PA
MS400W/V/PS 73531 M135/155 MS400/BU/PS MS400/PS/BU-ONLY MVR400/VBU/XHO/PA
MS450W/V/PS 10079 M144      
MS875W/BU/BT37/PS 22619        
MS1000W/BU/BT37/PS 71722 M141 MS1000/BU/BT37/PS M1000/PS/U/BT37  

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