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Halftone Camera Screens

Nothing beats Caprock screens when it comes to conventional camera halftones in darkroom and daylight cameras & enlargers, and now, white dot screens for copiers!

When you shoot color pictures for black and white printing...                 
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Why settle for dark halftones, like the one on the left, when Caprock's C-O screens give you light halftones, like the one on the right, without sacrificing highlight detail!

Camera Screens

Caprock C-O and standard screens come in all sizes, rulings and dot shapes, with special characteristics for the film or paper you use.  Replacements are available for all screens discontinued by Eastman Kodak.

To order a C-O or regular screen, specify the following information:

Ask about special effect patterns, such as mezzotints and straight lines, first generation percentage tints and gravure screens.  Did you know we also supply replacements bulbs for your camera and plate burner and vacuum frame?  Click on the lamp link at the top of the page for details!!

White Dot Screens for Photos, Aerial Photographs and Engineering Drawings

When you reproduce a photograph on your copier, the dark areas print black, the light areas print white, and there's little in between. The reason is simple: Copiers are designed to reproduce only black tones (such as printed text), not the variety of shades and colors that make up photographs.

White Dot Screens overcome this problem to give you pleasing reproduction of the original. They are very economical for adding pictures to newsletters, church bulletins, real estate flyers and other simple pieces.

White Dot Screens offer an inexpensive alternative to photographic reproduction of large size aerial photographs, since you can make copies on a large format photocopier.

White Dot Screens are used for making ghost images of engineering drawings, contour lines, and aerial photos, to allow indication of changes and for overlay drafting by toning down solid the lines of the original.

White Dot Screens are supplied in 85 lines per inch only, as a set of two 9 x 11 inch sheets, or singly in sizes 11 x 14, 12 x 18, 18 x 24 or 24 x 36 inches.

Super Tints

The only first generation tints made directly from glass masters, not contacted from film copies.  To order, specify the following:

                        Call, fax, or e-Mail for more details!