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Metrology and Scientific Lamps

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Specialty lamps for all industrial and scientific applications, including microscopes, optical comparators, ultraviolet (UV) curing, medical device manufacturing, scientific, medical, testing and inspection equipment. We always meet or exceed original specifications, while saving you money. Plus you get:

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Microscope Ring Lamps

American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Jena, Leeds Precision, Leica, Leitz, Nikon, Meiji, Olympus, Opti-Quip, Reichert, Scienscope, Siemens, Stocker & Yale, Techniquip (Techni-quip), Topcon, Unitron, O. C. White, Wild, Zeiss and others.  Call or e-mail for pricing.

Check our terrific prices on fluorescent ring lamps used in microscope illuminators by Stocker & Yale, MicroLite, Meiji, Olympus, Scienscope, Aristogrid and others.  Click on the part number to see an illustration, if available:

CD/973-510/LX $44 CD/2B DL $78 CD/IL-WH-MLB $35
CD/9973-365 $98 CD/973-510LX $66 CD/MA-305/05 $78
CD/992B WW $78 CD/80B-DL $78   8
Optical Comparator Lamps

Baty Gagemaster, Bausch & Lomb, Bendix, Deltronic, Dorsey Metrology (formerly Dorsey Gage), Jones & Lamson (J & L), MicroVu, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Optical Gaging Products (OGP), Scherr Tumico, Starrett, Swiss Precision Instruments (SPI), Vermont Precision, and others.  Call or e-mail for pricing.

Here are examples of LOW Caprock prices on replacement lamps for Scientific/Medical use. Click on the part number to see an illustration, if available.

CD/787 $5.80 CD/1460X $6.50 CD/1493 $4.80
CD/EVA $11.10 CD/EJA $14.00 CD/CYX $42.00
CD/EKE $12.80 DDL $12.00 CD/BTR $32.00
CD/FTB $10.00 CD/EFP $11.50 CD/FCS $4.00
CD/FDV $15.20 CD/FHE $7.90 CD/ELC $16.00
CD/BXE $4.80 CD/EJV $14.00 CD/ELS $29.00
CD/EJV $15.50 CD/64250 $7.90 64425 $8.00
64623 $11.10 CD/64640 $4.65 64642 $15.20
64625 $9.50 CD/64627 $12.00 64653 $17.20
64634 $16.50 CD/EFR $16.50 64663 $12.00
SAH250B --------- CD/77903 $17.80 91991 ---------
CD/21237 $35.90 CD/82445 $35.900 CD/78079 $18.60

Circular Fluorescent Lamps for Desktop Lamps and Magnifiers, Magnifying Mirrors

We supply a variety of Caprock brand circular fluorescent bulbs that are used in desktop lamps, desktop magnifiers, illuminated mirrors, task lamps and other equipment. including these:

Alvin VellemanBrookstone 638262PConair FC12T4Daylight UN0004 • FC8T9/CW • FC12T4/6400-4.75 • FC12T4/6400-5.5 • FC22T5/865FC22T5/OUTSIDEFloxite #T5-22W • General 12010 • General 114865 General 45009General 45011 • HyGrade F22T5 • FSL (Full Spectrum Lamp) 12W T4 6400 • Normande NFS12WCRialto #T5-22 • Satco S6596 • Seagull 97043 • Velleman VTlamp10Velleman VTlamp12Victory VL12WFSC

Optical / Ophthalmic / Dental Equipment

Caprock brand compatible replacement lamps for toposcopes, vertexometers, radiuscopes, lensometers, ophthalmometers, ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, slit lamps and projectors for manufacturers such as American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Haag-Streit, Heine, Jena, Marco, Nikon, Topcon and others.  Dental exam lights, fiber optics, photo curing for Demetron, Pelton & Crane, Ritter, Teledyne, Weber and others. Call or e-mail for pricing.

Medical / Scientific / Testing Equipment

Caprock brand compatible replacements including lamps for examining/operating room, analytical/diagnostic,fiber optics, fadeometers, germicidal and x-ray equipment for manufacturers such as:
American Optical, Amsco/Steris Spot lights, Amsco/Steris Surgical lights, Bausch & Lomb, Burton, Castle, Heine, Jena, Leitz, Nikon, Olympus, Siemens, Skytron, Skylux, Swift, Unitron and Zeiss.  Call or e-mail for pricing.

For quotes on the lamps you use, click the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the page to send us an e-mail, or call toll-free: (800)-222-0325 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday - Friday (Eastern Standard Time).