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Lamps for Flexo / Narrow Web Printing of Labels, Decals and Packaging

Ultraviolet curing of inks and coatings is widely used in flexographic and letterpress printing of labels, decals, and flexible packaging, as well as off-line for curing of coatings. In addition to standard linear arc lamps, we supply microwave excited and mercury capillary lamps. All our lamps are designed with the specific electrical specifications, dimensions, and end-fittings (including new quick mount fittings) to ensure 100% compatibility with your equipment. UV lamps are also used to expose photopolymer and other printing plates. UV light causes a chemical reaction in the inks and plate emulsions to cure them, rather than evaporating solvents by drying.  Infrared (IR) lamps are used to dry ink by heat, rather than cure the ink.  Caprock supplies original quality lamps for all makes and models of flexographic equipment and all types of lamps including mercury vapor, metal halide, mercury capillary, pulsed xenon and fluorescent UV
UV Curing Lamps for Flexo Presses

Many presses are equipped with lamps at each station as well in the finishing station, where UV cured coatings are applied. We supply replacements for all makes and models of equipment, both for press manufacturers, and curing systems manufacturer's.  See below for a list of many popular companies for whose equipment we supply lamps, and for links to more specific information.

Infrared (IR) Lamps for Flexo Presses and Off-Line Coating

Unlike UV curing lamps, where the light causes a chemical reaction to cure ink, Infrared lamps produce heat to dry it.  We supply short and medium-wave infrared (IR) lamps.  See below for a list of many popular companies for whose equipment we supply lamps, and for links to more specific information.

Exposure Lamps for Flexo and Photopolymer (Plastic) Plates

Flexo plates may be exposed by high-output metal halide systems or high UV output fluorescent lamps.  We supply both types for use in equipment like Olec, Douthitt, nuArc, Anderson & Vreeland, BASF, DuPont, Kelleigh, Philips and others.

  Aetek •  Amba • Anderson-Vreeland • Aquaflex • BASF • Bilhoffer • Brewer • Canadisc • Cefla • Cogent • ComcoDegraf SPADerjor • Douthitt • Dr. Honle • DuPont •  Eltosch • EYE • FusionGallus •  GEW • Hanovia • Heraeus • HPHP/NurInca OnsetIndustrias Derjor IST • Iwasaki • Kase EquipmenKelleigh • Ko-Pack • Mark Andy  • Metal BoxMetronic • Miltec • Nilpeter • Nordson • Nordson Cool WavenuArc • Olec • Omet • Omso • On-Line Energy Systems • ORC  • Philips • Pierry • Plextor • Prime UV • Sanki • Scitex •  SPDI • TEC Lighting • Theimer • UV Systems • UV Process Supply (UVPS) • Uviterno UV Research • UV Technologies / UV Tech • Van Dam • VTI • Western Quartz

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