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Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Lamps

Caprock supplies original quality compatible replacement UV lamps for all makes and models of UV equipment, all types of UV lamps, and all applications!
Don't see what you need?  Call or write!!  There are too many different lamp types to list everything, and we are constantly adding to the list of the lamps we supply.  We can even duplicate your lamps from a working sample!

UV Dryer Conveyors and Tunnels

UV curing lamps are used for such diverse applications as silkscreen garment and sheet printing, nameplates, membrane switches, PCB conformal coating, syringe manufacture and furniture finishing. We supply standard medium pressure lamps in arc lengths up to 146 inches in mercury doping as well, as gallium, lead, and iron-doped lamps (you must have an appropriate ballast). Fusion-style electrodeless lamps are available in mercury, iron, and gallium versions.  We thrive on solving your problems with lamps made to your specifications and can duplicate any lamp from your working sample.

AUV Lamp

Wide Format/Digital Ink Jet Printers

Many printers are moving to inkjet technology for shorter run jobs because the setup is so simple (and inexpensive), compared to conventional printing.  One or two lamps are typically mounted on either side of the printhead and travel with it across the printing surface, to cure the ink (rather than dry it) as it is laid down.  Because of the confined area in which these lamps are used, proper design of the system and the lamp itself is critical to acceptable lamp life and operation.  In addition, to help offset the significant investment required to develop these machines, many OEM manufacturers charge exorbitant prices for replacement lamps.

Like all our other lamps, we offer you OEM quality at a fraction of the price.  You have come to rely on Caprock quality for your conventional UV curing needs, now we offer you the same service and high quality for your digital printing lamps.

We have replacements for a wide variety of machines from Anapurna to Zund, and are continually adding new ones.

Flexographic and Offset Printing Dryers and Coaters

UV curing offers Flexo, web offset and sheetfed printers a host of important advantages for high-speed printing and varnish coating for both on-line printing and off-line finishing and converting. We supply lamps for all makes and models of presses, dryers and coaters. See the list below for the most common.

Kamman UV lamp

CD/DVD Printing and Replication

Most CDs and DVDs are printed with UV-cured inks. When CDs and DVDs are replicated from glass masters, the bonding and finishing process utilizes UV to cure the lacquer.

UV lamp

Bottle/Glass/Cup Printing and Decorating

Specialty printing machines allow printing directly onto bottles, glass cups and other substrates with UV cured inks.

Fusion UV Lamp

UV Chambers and Guns

Medical, scientific, and optical manufacturers rely on UV to cure adhesives and resins for an infinite variety of products and applications.

9w/78           gun lamp

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WE SUPPLY CAPROCK BRAND COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT LAMPS FOR ALL THESE MANUFACTURERS:  3M • AAA Press • Accuray • ADAC • Advance • Advanced World Trade (AWT) • Aellor Digital • Aetek •  AgfaAgfa DotrixAirtechAllied Deco Systems / Allied Decorating • Alpha-Cure • Amba • American Ultraviolet (AUV)Anapurna • American M & M • Amjo • Applied Curing Technology • Aquaflex • Aradiant • Argon USA • Argus International • Atlas • Autoroll • Autotech • AWT • Bacher • Baldwin • Barak • Bilhoffer • Brewer • Brown •  C-Sun • Canadisc •  Cefla • CETClean 'n' CoatCogent Technologies • Colight • Comco • Convac Technologies • Convexo • Cortran • Delle Vedove • Demetron • Derjor DilliDotrixDomino N600i - N610i • Dr. Honle • Dreve • DuPontDurstDV SystemsDymax • Dylux • EFI/Rastek • Efos • Electrolite Corp. (ELC) • Eltosch • Ever-Brite • Everbrite • EYE • FujiFujifilmFusionGallusGandi InnovationsGerber-Coburn • Gerber Solara UV • Germetec • GEW • Grafix • Graphic Whizard • Grapo / Sigmajet • Guann Yinn • Hanky • Hanovia • Heraeus • Honle • HPHP/NurHP/ScitexInca OnsetIndustrias Derjor • Integration Technologies • IntelliRayIST • Iwasaki • Jelight • Jeti • Jetrix • Kammann • Kase Equipment • KBA • Kelleigh • Kerr Mfg. • Ko-Pack • Kompac Technologies • Krause • L&P / Leggatt & Platt Virtu • LCH • Lens Technology Intl (LTI)Liberty (Apollo) • Lindy • LoctiteM&R (Vitran, Conquest, Insignia, Processor) • M2 Engineering • MacDermid ColorSpan • Mark Andy  • Metal BoxMetronic • Miltec • MTL Print • Mimaki • Muller Martini • Mutoh • Natgraph • National • Neolt Neojet • Nilpeter • NordsonNordson Cool WaveNur MacroprintersOCE Arizona • Omet • Omso • On-Line Energy Systems • Online Energy SystemsOptilux • ORC  • Plextor • Precision • Primarc • Prime UV • Print Concepts • QC-IIIRastek • Raster • Roland • Sakurai • Sanki • Scanex (Colight) • Scitex • Sericol Columbia / Inca • Sias • Singulus (Spaceline, Skyline) • SkyJet • Southern Lamps • SPDI • SPE • Steage • Steinemann  • Stork DSI • Svecia • Systematic Automation • TEC Lighting • Texel • Theime • Theimer • Thieme • Ultra Lume • Ultra Optics • UV Ray • UV Systems (UVTetkoSE) • UV Process Supply (UVPS) • UVEXSUviterno UV Research • UV Technologies / UVTech • UVSE / Ultraviolet Systems • UTE • UViTronVan Dam • Voltarc • VTI • VUTEk • Western Quartz • Zund UVJet

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