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Magnifiers and hand-held microscopes are used by printers, silkscreeners, PCB manufacturers, quality control workers, collectors of coins, stamps & antiques, naturalists, needleworkers, forensics specialists, hobbyists, conservators, geologists and others.

Keep in mind that for all magnifiers, there is a general relationship between the three key specifications for a lens:  the diameter, the focal length (working distance between the surface and the lens), and the power.  Generally, a higher power magnifier will have a smaller diameter and shorter focal or working distance than a lower power magnifier. That's why, for example, it is not optically possible to make a 1 x 1 linen tester in 10X or why the 20X inspection loupe has a smaller lens than the 12X and less room to work underneath.

NEW:  6X Wide Field Table Magnifier

WF-6WF-6:  This brand-new magnifier offers an unbeatable combination of distortion-free 6 power magnification and lots of room to work underneath!  The viewing area is 2 inches across and 1-1/2 inches tall!  The double aspheric design guarantees excellent clarity and sharpness from edge-to edge of the 33mm diameter lens, while the cutaway base allows 180° access to the subject.  The focus is fully adjustable.  A plastic cap is included to protect the lens.  You'll find this magnifier available elsewhere for over $79, but our price is just $42!!

NEW:  5X LED Illuminated Linen Tester

LED-5LED-5: This is a heavy-duty metal linen tester with a high quality single glass lens that provides 5X magnification. Thanks to illumination by two bright-white LEDs, you will be able to see details not possible using a standard linen tester with no light. The threaded pointer scrolls across the back edge of the magnifier so you can easily count threads and mark your viewing position. The 1 x 1 inch opening gives you plenty of viewing area. Supplied with a vinyl pouch. Only 32.00!

Linen Testers

Linen testers are the workhorse of magnifier- rugged and inexpensive, they are used any time that low power magnification is needed. They sit on the surface for hands-free viewing of the subject matter. They were originally used to count fabric threads, and all our linen testers have scales around the square opening at the bottom. All fold up flat for easy carrying.

MLT MLT Plastic Linen Tester MLT
CLT-10 PLT-8 MLT-10

(See detailed specifications)

Inspection Magnifiers/Loupes

Used where higher quality optics are needed. All have color-corrected, multi-element glass lenses for "flat-field" (distortion-free) viewing across the entire working area.  Threaded lens mounts allow adjustable focus  with locking rings to retain focus. "W" series have jumbo 19 mm lenses for a 60% larger viewing area.

Folding magnifier Swivel Base
FM-12W / FM-20

(See detailed specifications)

Special Purpose/Low Vision Magnifiers

Doublets for jewelers, coin & stamp collectors, "Egg Cup" for large viewing area, rectangular Reading Glass for the "fine print" and an 8 power measuring magnifier.

Jeweler's Swing Loupes Egg Cup TSF.bmp (36854 bytes)  
SO-21 EC-8 TSF-8  
(See detailed specifications)

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