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Infrared (IR) Lamps

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Quartz Infrared (IR) Lamps for all industrial and scientific applications, including flexo, silkscreen, graphic arts, and garment printing, autobody, paint and paper drying, food warming, adhesive bonding, plastic forming, blowmolding, inkjet drying, woodworking and other applications. We always meet or exceed original specifications, while saving you money. Plus you get:

Twin Tube Infrared Emitters (IR Lamps)

Twin tube IR emitters

Twin Tube IR lamps are made by fusing two single tubes together for higher output and greater mechanical stability. They are supplied in short wave versions characterized by a flat, pinched seal at the end (like the one on the left), and medium wave, where the ceramic end is held onto the end by the filament (like the one on the right).   Both are available in a wide variety of configurations, where either one or both channels are heated, with the two wired in series or parallel, and with split filaments, to allow heating of the entire width, or just a part of it.

Twin tube lamps typically have a gold reflector to direct the heat towards the substrate.  To see the different configurations available and to help us quote the twin tube lamps you need, please download and complete the twin-tube specifier sheet.

We supply Caprock brand compatible replacement twin-tube lamps for equipment by these and other manufacturers:
Applied Materials • Air Motion • Billco • BLV • Cosmatic 2415, 09751713 • Dandy 31804 • Drystar • Eltosch 0142304, 0142394, 12500141, 12500229 • Grafix • Grafix/DrystarHeidelberg (CD 102, CD102, SM 102, SM102, SM 74, SM74) • Heraeus • IST • KBA • Lamp Tech • Pillar • Siapi 31840 • Sigloch  S017022• Techno Trans • Technotrans

Short Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Short wave metal sleeve IRT lamp

Short wave lamps are characterized by short warm-up times and long life.  They are available in a wide variety of voltages, wattages, end caps, either in clear or transluscent quartz, and with or without a reflector.  They emit light primarily between 780 - 1400nm.

Rapid Start Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

Rapid Start Medium Wave

Fast response (Rapid start) medium wave IR lamps proivde the fast start times of short wave lamps, with the wave length of medium wave lamps.  They do not run as hot as equivalent short wave lamps, but they are better at curing inks used for textile printing, since these inks absorb medium wave light better than short wave.

Medium Wave Infrared (IR) Lamps

M&R standard

Medium wave IR lamps emit IR in the range from 1400 - 3000nm.  They are highly efficient, but require longer times to reach full power than short wave lamps.

We supply Caprock brand compatible replacement single tube lamps for equipment by these and other manufacturers:
AAA Press • AB Dick • Accutron • Adast • Airtech • American M and M • Amjo • Anatol • Anderson Thermal • Applied Materilas • APW Wyott • Aradiant • ASB Nissei • Autographic Services • AWT • BaldwinBelleco • BGK Finishing Systems • BLV • Brown Manufacturing • Calmat/MHMCayenne • Cecilware • Cefla • CEM • Challenger • Cogent Technologies • Comco • Dayton • DeVries • DRI Inc. • Dr. Fischer • Electronic Systems • ESS/Electro Sprayer Systems/Accutron • EYE/Iwasaki • Fannon • Fostoria • Fuchs DeVries • GE • HalConHart • Hatco • Heidelberg • Heraeus • Herbert • Hobart • Holman / StarInfratech • Inline Technologies IRAM • Interchange • IRAM • IVT • Kirk-Rudy • Komori • Kosme • Krones • LawsonM&R • Manhasset Machinery • Mark Andy • Maxxys • MercoMidlanMidland • Mitsubishi • MMC • MMT • Nissei • Nordson • Oxy Dry • OxyDry • Oxy Dri • OxyDri • Philips • Perry Manufacturing • Philips • Pierry Manufacturing • Precision Control Systems • Prime Heat Systems • Progressive • Radiation Systems • Ray Paul • Red Chilli • Real Performance Machinery • Research Inc. • Royse • RPM • Ryobi • Samco International • Siapi • Siat • Sipa • Sidel • Soneko • SPE • Spectral • Star • Sylvania • Tempco • Ushio • Vollrath • Vulcan / HartWorkhorse

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